Warning: Sappiness Lies Ahead

For as long as I can remember having romantic thoughts, I've always been so vehemently anti-sap. Maybe it's just what I was used to. Cause as much as I love my parents they were never the most outwardly affectionate. So to a degree, I would definitely say that I grew up uncomfortable with displaying or… Continue reading Warning: Sappiness Lies Ahead

Another Day Another Dollar

I'm baaaaaack! 🙂 I wish I could say that this time will be different, but I'm going to be honest for the sake of all five of you whose love I have betrayed--it's not going to last. There was a part of me so self-assured last year that the blogging gig would go the long… Continue reading Another Day Another Dollar

Bouldering and Blabbering

Some updates over the past couple days: I tried climbing/bouldering for the first time and I've rekindled my love for astronomy. Bouldering was wicked cool, granted I climbed strictly V0s and V1s and my arms felt like somebody had taken a meat pulverizer to them 8 climbs in. But hey just like we all say… Continue reading Bouldering and Blabbering